[amy] Everything bad is good again

It's been another week since my last confession. I'm feeling a lot better and had a nice, long holiday weekend. Didn't really do much 4th of July stuff (BBQs or Fireworks)- it was all LOST all the time. Dollar got all the episodes of season 2 onto a laptop and hooked the laptop up to the tv. I think we watched 14 episodes from Saturday through last night. THE SHOW IS BLOWING MY MIND. What was the first incident? Who are "the others"? Does something on the island heal people? Is it the thing locked away in the bunker? There are just too many questions. It's nice, though, to be able to discuss and speculate on an unpredictable show. Monday night we went out to dinner and spent the whole time talking about the story. Dollar thinks everyone was brought there as an experiment. I think the black smoke is tangible bad luck or fear. But who knows.

I've been knitting the French Market Bag with some of my Kool-Aid dyed wool. I'm at the handles and plan to overdye the bag before felting it. The blue is just really ruining it for me.

I got Wilt in the mail for bookclub, but I also got Crux. Crux is volume #9 in the Lucifer series (which is a spinoff of The Sandman series). Since I don't really remember how Volume #8 ended, I decided to re-read the series. But then I thought I might as well re-read The Sandman series first since it's been a couple years. I'm in the middle of Season of Mists right now. I think Wilt is only going to be read during my Portland trip (rescheduled to take place in a couple weeks).

And the biggest news I have is that Dollar got a promotion at work and is now (starting today!!!) working days like a normal person. We went to bed at the same time last night and got up at the same time this morning. Soon we'll start coordinating our outfits and finishing each other's sentences. ... Maybe we won't go that far but it'll be nice to see him this evening, have supper together and watch more LOST. Usually we're only able to do fun things like that on weekends so I think it'll feel like the weekend all the time to me now.

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