[amy] Weekend party and recovery

The weekend was pretty chill. Stayed in Friday night. Went to the party Saturday night. Recovered all of Sunday.

No School was fun. Blabpipe (the band Dollar's in) was really good. I particularly enjoyed screaming "I live you, Phil!" like a rabid fan. Nevermind Phil is the drum machine, I just wanted to see Dollar cry.

During the day there was lots of grilling, beer pong, croquet, bocce and chilling. Once the sun set, the DJ's started mixing it up down in the basement. I had a nice time talking to everyone and meeting new people.

When it was time to head out, I counted up all the croquet pieces and found one mallet to be missing. I went on a hunt around the outskirts of the crowd and finally saw some guy holding onto it. I asked for it back and he gave it willingly. I then informed him that after the arduous journey I'd have to go and throw the mallet into Mount Doom. He didn't know what I was talking about.

Yesterday Dollar and I finished watching season 2 of LOST. Hrm. I think the season started off strongly but about halfway through I started to disbelieve some of the character's actions. They've only been on the island for a couple of months but everyone seems to be suddenly acting differently or inconsistently. Kate was all super-secret to begin with, a bad-ass. Now she's toying with both Sawyer and Jack? You'd think she'd be the type to keep to herself, right? And Claire's all, "Be a father to my baby, Charlie, even though you're a complete stranger. No I hate you. Just kidding, let me hold your hand. Wait, didn't you try to kill my baby? Oh a present? I love you again! You're not still a junkie, are you?" Whatever. I do enjoy all the flashbacks and seeing how everyone's connected. At this point, though, I just want them to be rescued and have the mystery solved.

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