[knitting] Knit night pictures

Here is the cute yet lethal Gatsu in the middle of one of his 40 daily resting cycles. He's tired from all the physical and psychological abuse I throw down upon him.

Dare I take a step closer? He may awake at any moment and launch himself at my jugular...

Whew. He didn't wake up. He's just curled up there... so sweet... Makes me want to startle him.

As for knitting, I have a couple skeins of cream to brown wool from the Green Mountain Spinnery that a co-worker gave me. The pictures are kind of blurry, so I'm not linking the full sized ones in a new window. I realized when I wound the yarn into balls that the color graduates from cream into brown (rather then cream and brown stripes). I wound one ball with cream on the inside and one with brown on the inside, thinking that I'd knit a hobo bag with them.


I wanted to start the bag with the cream color, graduate into brown, introduce the 2nd ball (starting with brown) and end with cream. Even though the dye lots were the same, the browns were not. I knit half the bag, introduced the new ball and got a line from the lighter shade of brown. See:

What the F? I repeat: the dye lots were the same. Shiat, F, mother- Whatever. I ripped the bag last night at the inaugural knitting club gathering. I'm starting over with brown to begin with, graduating into cream, introducing the new ball with the cream on the outside (hopefully the creams will match better than the browns), then ending with brown.

The knitting club last night was small (three female Oracle programming knitters- it's uber exclusive) but that was cool. I did end up doing some Kool Aid dying-

That's a sausage o' yarn that I nuked in the microwave. It was fairly easy to do- I got sippy cups from K-Mart to mix and pour with precision. I've seen some people mixing dye in mason jars and using turkey basters to apply the dye. The sippy cup method was great because the handle was also a straw, so I only ended up using one container per color. And the cups were cheaper than turkey basters. Plus, the caps were different colors, so I... Well, that doesn't really matter because the cups themselves were see-through so I could see which one was red or blue or purple or pink. I digress.

Here's what the two skeins ended up looking like, using 1 pack of Tropical Punch (red), Grape (purple), Pink Lemonade (pink) and Berry Blue (bloo) each (so 8 packets total):

Looks like the "Oh yeah!" Kool Aid jug guy barfed up some spaghetti, right? Or crapped some out on my kitchen floor. I would have been much happier if I had left out the blue or had toned it down with some of the Pink Lemonade. It's just so friggin' blue. It's very vibrant (as is the red) but the dye didn't saturate all the yarn on that end, so there are some white-ish strands on the inside.

All in all, I'm not disappointed because this was my first time and it was super easy and not too messy. Now I'm just waiting for the yarn to dry so I can knit something with it. I think once I see how it looks knit up, I'll change my dying method.

So... With this "no buying yarn in 2006" crazy-ass pact I've committed myself to (and am still holding to), it looks like I'm out of things to dye. Unless I overdye something in my stash (which may come to pass). Or unless I force my sister to gift me with dyable yarn.

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