[knitting] Finishing unfinished things. Looking for random things.

This whole "no buying yarn in 2006" pledge is starting to take it's toll on me. I'm thinking I might get an umbrella swift and ball winder. I need to buy something yarn related.

I finished the never-ending socks over the weekend. They came out sooooo cute. I'll take a picture soon. This means, though, that there aren't any unfinished projects lying around. Okay, there's one (a bag). Okay, two bags. But I started sketching out Star Wars motifs for Dollar's hat. I felt bad after he noticed me admiring my socks and said, "Those are nice. Really pretty. I wonder... the hat... you said... ages ago..." I'm a jerk. I'm just too scared to cast on for it. What if it comes out crappy? What if it doesn't fit properly? What if it looks stupid?

Sunday night we sat down and talked about what he wants on it. I'm trying to make it more complicated while he's trying to make it more simple. I ask, "Do you want little stars all in the black sky of the hat?" He says, "No." I say, "I'll put some kind of border along the bottom." He says, "Why?" I say, "Do you want the machines shooting at one another?" He says, "They're all on the Empire side, so I don't think they'd be doing that." Really, I don't think it'll be as difficult as I think it'll be. The only tough part will be learning how to knit fair isle with three colors in the same row...

While I figure out how to do that, I may make Lady Spankington's argyle headband to get me back in the swing of fair isle. Or maybe this would be considered intarsia since it's not knit in the round. I dunno.

P.S. Because I decided that my raffia didn't count as a yarn purchase, I've been trolling random stores (iParty, Home Depot, the grocery store) looking for uncommon things I might be able to knit with (rope, ribbon, dental floss). It's... it's getting pretty sad. I imagine I'll start having night sweats and mood swings.

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