[tv] Undeclared, Gilmore Girls

I finished the one and only season of Undeclared last weekend. It was okay. It brought me back to what college was like. I'd only give it 4 out of 5 stars because the acting was mediocre, the tone was uneven and the story was inconsistent. Had this series been given another year to develop, I feel that it would have been an awesome show. I liked Freaks and Geeks better. If nothing else, you should watch the series for all the cameos- Adam Sandler, Will Farrell, Ben Stiller, Amy Poelher, Kyle Glass, Tom Welling, Sarah Carter (Alicia from Smallville), Geoffrey Arend ("I'm freakin' out, man" guy from Super Troopers), plus loads of actors who were in Freaks and Geeks.

Dollar and I started watching The Shield: Season 1. I've seen Seasons 1-3 and want to get him caught up before I start getting Season 4 from Netflix.

I also started in on Gilmore Girls: Season 5 last night. Rory's turning into an unconscionable slut just like her mom (oh snap!). Who would have thought she'd turn out to be a home-wrecker? Anyway, the best part about the show for me is Sookie. Melissa McCarthy has great comedic timing and does so much more than just reads her lines. In one episode Jackson wins a town election and Sookie is standing next to him, listening. McCarthy does a First Lady smile/nod. She's in the background but still actively acting (if that makes sense).

Six Feet Under: Season 5 comes out March 28. I'm looking forward to that.

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Angela said...

I rented the first 4 episodes of "Desprate House Wives" this week. I LOVE it... i think you would too, check it out, yo.