[cooking] DBLT

I splurged last weekend on some duck bacon:

Duck bacon!

My goal was to have the ultimate DBLT: duck bacon, lettuce, tomato. I even went so far as to make a homemade loaf of white bread.

Duck BLT

Perfection. The only downside is that were was no duck fat to collect- it was actually rather lean.


TGIF. Another long week of teaching done. I haven't given any thought to what my weekend projects will be- food or craft. (Hopefully it won't be just 100% sleeping.) I think I'll hit the stores on the way home and run all my errands- I'm not planning on leaving the house again until Monday morning. I received a winter weather advisory to my phone that we'll be getting two inches of sleet accumulation and ice and I don't even know what else. This is what it looked like at my house yesterday morning:

Morning. April 12.

C'mon, man. This stopped being funny about two weeks ago.

While I don't know what the plan is for this weekend, I am compiling a to-do list for my staycation at the end of May: get the vegetable garden going, do flower divisions, get the firepit in order so I can do outdoor cooking this summer, make a ton of homemade pasta to freeze, maybe do some weaving on the loom? And figure out how that works?

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