[quilting] Spooky Block

A large 15-inch block:

Didn’t realize until after cutting all the pieces that this block would require sewing partial seams. Not too bad. #quilting

I'm still at an "I don't know what I'm doing" level of quilting. I pre-cut all these pieces and sewed them together, but... you can see the apex of the black squares touches the edge. Really, there should be a quarter inch of the printed fabric above it. Now, when I sew this block into final place, the tips will be truncated a bit. (Oops.)

I'm not too bothered (definitely not bothered enough to do it over) but at least it's something I'll be aware of in the future now. I was wondering why the long edges of the printed fabric triangles were so much longer than the short sides of the black triangles. I'm learning...

Going to do more cutting this weekend. It is nice having a pile of pieces for blocks ready to sew during the week. Then sewing a block really only takes 30 min or less to do.

Maybe I'll finally tackle cutting the pieces for the Corps castle...


So ready for the weekend. It still looks and feels like winter at home:

April 5. Still looks and feel like winter.

And we've got about an inch forecast for tonight. Le siiiiiiiigh.

My cooking goal this weekend: Kimchi Pork Buns. Dollar doesn't do kimchi, so I'm going to try a different meat-filled-bread for him: bierock. Because who doesn't like a savory stuffed bun? I think there's a version from every culture. 

What else? Finish sewing my biscornu. Knit a little hat for Penny. Read rules and play new boardgames. Then it's a long week teaching next week but it will be the last for me until JUNE.

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