[crochet] Infinity Gauntlet

My super-secret crochet project:

Ready for Infinity War. ❤️💛💙💜💚 #crochet #infinitygauntlet #infinitywar #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #marvel

The Infinity Gauntlet!

I saw the pattern last week and HAD to buy it and make it for Dollar, who has been so so so so so excited for the Avengers: Infinity War movie to be released. I bought big ball of yellow yarn from the craft store and tried to work on it in secret, to surprise Dollar.

First, it was looking a little funny:

Working on a new crochet project. It’s not what you think- I swear. #crochet

But once all the fingers were made and joined for the hand, it started to look more like a glove:

Making a long glove. A gauntlet, if you will. Now it’s a race to finish it before tomorrow night. And I still need to find all the infinity stones before Thanos. #infinitygauntlet #InfinityWar

At this point, it was Tuesday evening and I couldn't keep it a secret if I was going to keep working on it to finish in time for the premier Thursday night. I showed Dollar and even got his input on which design he liked better for the infinity stone placement:

What’s so hard about finding infinity stones? Look, I have them all. #donttellthanos #infinitygauntlet #infinitywar

He went with the stone arrangement from the comics rather than the movie.

The rhinestones I purchased from Michaels- a 1 pound sack of over-sized rhinestones (thank goodness for coupons).

The forearm cover I did in the round (different from the pattern as written) and joined to the inside of the glove. I can embroider some details/designs over the gauntlet at a later date.

We brought it to the movie last night, of course:

Infinity Gauntlet

And now it is on display.

Infinity Gauntlet

We should probably move it to Odin's Vault on Asgard for safekeeping until the next movie... Oh wait...

So the movie was great. Very funny at parts- but definitely not a feel-good movie. This was really a Thanos movie. Dollar and I left the theater feeling a little down (for reasons) and I was like, "Look, this isn't like all the other Marvel movies where we're like 'Yeah! That was awesome! Hurray!' This story is meant to make us feel the opposite. We can't say it's a bad movie because we don't like how it ended... hopefully we'll walk away with that feeling when we see part II next year."

The good news is that there will be several more Marvel movies while we wait- Ant-man and Wasp, Venom (omg the trailer was so good), Captain Marvel. And several in the X-men Universe.

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