[quilting] Map Block

Worked on a bit of quilting this weekend:


Still have to tidy up the edges but the pile of blocks is growing. Still trying to use up large areas of the bigger pieces of fabric- and I'm amassing a pile of small cuts for crumb squares. Must use every. last. scrap.


Tried taking Penny for a walk yesterday:


Sensory overload. She didn't make it more than a few steps from the door before she started screaming to go back in (and then started crying to go back out the minute she was in. I mean, cats. Amirite?). 

I found a few green catnip leaves and picked some. I don't know if I thought this was going to calm her down but it obviously didn't. She crashed a little while later. The good news is that the catnip is spreading like the weed it is and I'll have lots of new plants this year.

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