[quilting] Castle Block

Some time ago, I sketched out a design for a castle quilt block and figured out all the proper sizes for the pieces:

Turning a crude drawing into a quilt block schematic. This is going to be a big one. #quilting

I looked at the fabric I had and decided to used an as-yet untouched fat quarter that looked like birch trees for the castle itself...after doing all the math to figure out total area needed and the most efficient way to cut the fabric without generating a lot of waste.

Chop up the fabric (it does look like birch trees!):

Just cutting some birch trees for a castle... #quilting

Cut all the pieces and put them into place to make sure I have everything: 

All the cut pieces. Oh my aching back. #quilting #castle

Blue stripes/dots for the background. Black for the windows. Ruler fabric for the drawbridge.

Two days of sewing later:

Well that was intense. Corps castle complete. And it’s very large at 18 x 24 inches. #quilting #castle #whitecastle #notthatwhitecastle

It came out just as I envisioned and I'm so happy. The back looks like a nightmare but it's a recognizable Corps of Engineers castle. It is 18" x 24", so rather large but I've gotten lots of helpful advice in one my Ravelry groups about how best to layout all the disparate blocks I've made so far and fill in gaps. Someday I'll reach that point but right now I'm just making blocks whenever the mood hits me.


After this, I'm filled with quilting ennui. Last night I started organizing/sorting my loose knitting patterns. I put away patterns that I've made (a pile that had been stacking up since before Christmas) and slimmed down what was in the TO DO binder.

I feel like making socks. And doilies.

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