[gardening] Spring things

I happened to find myself at Home Depot on Saturday morning. It was a long morning of car errands- finding out my registration was expired (oops), which meant I couldn't get it inspected, but I still had to keep another appointment to get my winter tires off, while ordering a temp registration on my phone and trying to find a place to print it off... To kill time, I swung by Home Depot and picked up some new additions for my flower beds- a pot of three different colored primrose for $6. That's $2 per color! I bought two (purple, red, yellow and a couple slightly different shades of pink), separated them when I got home and planted them in the part-shade bed (which I spent the afternoon clearing). Here's one of the pinks:


A few other perennials are making appearances. Hyacinths:


A little spindly but this is an improvement from last year.

Grape hyacinths:

Grape Hyacinths

Very dense and doing well. These would be a good candidate to dig up and divide after they finish blooming this year.

Got a surprise this morning:

Snow this morning

It will be all gone by the time I get home, I'm sure. It's meant to reach 80 degrees on Wednesday. I'm not too too worried about it but I don't have any tender annuals out. I'm not sure how the local farms fared with this morning's snow. We usually get some warning when there's a frost threat but I had no idea this was even coming.

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