[misc] Murderface Friday

It's 4/20, maaaan. Murderface is sure to be hitting the 'nip all day...

Murderface and his big ol' catnip sack

Just like every day. 

This is what it looks outside:

April 20. Dusting of snow overnight. #vermont

Still lots of snow... But something is blooming inside:

At least it feels like Spring indoors... 💐

TGIF. I've got all kinds of crafty plans for the weekend- Fox Paws, a secret crochet project, a toddler sweater (for my niece- but really it's just a mini version of the sweater I want to do for myself, so good practice!), maybe some yarn dying with food coloring... bread baking, book sale, quilt block cutting... oooooooo eeeeeeee, I can't wait.

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