[knitting] Strawberry Cat Hat

Make (yet another) hat for the cats Sunday morning to wear and enjoy. 

New hat for the cats

The pattern is from Cats in Hats. Make the red base:

New hat for the cats

Then sew some random seeds with white yarn. Make a stem and a few leaves. Attach. Voila:

Strawberry hat

Murderface, so happy to model it:

Murderface Strawberry

Penny, even more thrilled:


Actually, she's freaking out because we're by the front door and she thinks she gets to go out for walkies. Sorry, Penny, winter is still here and it will be here forever and we'll never be able to go outside again. (We got another two inches of snow over the weekend.)

Penny's actually quite amenable to hats. Here she is when she first tried it on:



Good thing I made this hat to keep the cats warm. This was my view yesterday morning in my driveway:


Winter forever.


Noreen said...

Kind of amazing that your cat like these bonnets. Very cute!

amy said...

Well, I didn't even try to put it on my 3rd cat, Santana. That wouldn't have had a happy ending for anyone.