[gaming] Patchwork

Look, I'm quilting even when I'm not quilting:

Still making quilts, even when I’m #gaming. #patchworkgame

Dollar and I are making an effort to get back to playing our boardgames. We have a pretty good selection of 2-player games, many that we've only played once or never. Last night was the first time we tried Patchwork. You use buttons to pay for tetris-like blocks and try to build a quilt. The person with the most buttons at the end wins. So cute. 

We're going to take turns picking games. Because if I get to pick all the time, we'll just be playing games where we sew quilts, hunt mushrooms or collect cats.


Things were super windy last night and we lost power around 10pm. The generator didn't kick on (fantastic- gotta call someone to come out and look at it) so we were without power until about 5am. No big deal, them's sleeping hours... but what if you can't get any sleep because of incessant and shrill smoke and carbon monoxide detectors chirping to signal a low battery? 

We must have a couple dozen detectors in the house and garage. They're normally on house power but when we lose power, they use their 12 volt batteries. But we don't change batteries on any kind of annual schedule like responsible people. So we lost power last night and random detectors start chirping as a low battery warning. CHIRP. Every 30 seconds. CHIRP. Dollar and I get out of bed and wander around the house in the dark, sleepily trying to triangulate where the awful CHIRP is coming from. Go stand under one... wait... It's like a treasure hunt you don't want to do but have to if you want to go back to sleep.

Best case scenario: You find the detector, take it down, take the battery out. Worst case scenario: You wander around the house, waiting for the next chirp... that never comes. It was just goddamn chirping- why... why did it stop? Just to torture us? Let's go back to bed. Fall back asleep. CHIRP. Mother... fuhhhhhhh... Get up, shuffle around the dark house... try to find the chirp. At one point, we were huddled together in the basement, shivering, staring up at a smoke and CO detectors, waiting for a chirp... waiting... which is it? It's one of these two... I broke. "Just take them down! Take them both down! I can't take it anymore!"

You don't know real, spine-chilling fear until you grab a smoke detector, take out the battery... and it still chirps in your hand. Then you know you're in hell and the chirps will never stop.

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