[knitting] Lilac Wide Stripe Pullover

Working on a 2T sweater for my niece:

I should be working on something else but a little striped pullover is too tempting... RIP my 4mm bamboo 16” circulars. It was very exciting when the join came apart in the middle of a row. #knitting

Notice the bamboo 16" fixed circular on the lower right. The join came apart in the middle of a row, which was very exciting. I was able to get the project onto a 16" Addi (from a interchangable set) with only one dropped stitch. But RIP my Clover bamboo. I could glue it back together but I would never trust it again.

Nearly all my 16" fixed circulars are from when I from when I first started knitting and they're all Clover bamboo. I'm tempted to replace this one with the exact same kind- I've heard the tips are pointer now and I wonder if the cables have improved. Plus, I always have coupons to Joanns or Michaels.

The sweater is going well- it's good practice for a wide stripe sweater that I want to do for myself. But it has taken a back seat to my secret crochet project- which has to be done by tomorrow night! 

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