[knitting] Fox Paws... nearing the end

Yarn is dwindling and I think I have enough for two, maybe three more repeats.

Still working on  🐾 #foxpaws #knitting

As it happens, I have another ball of both blues and the white but not any more of the twig and fawn. So I'm just going to get as much as I can out of what's left and cast off. I'm ready for different projects. I've started digging through the yarn stash and have some skeins ready to be wound into balls. 


Know what my back yard looked like yesterday?

April 17. At least it’s not sleeting anymore? #vermont

But... we have no new snow, sleet, ice or daytime-highs-below-freezing forecast for the foreseeable future. Seems too good to be true (I've been tricked into thinking it was Spring several times already). 

We've purchased a CSA share with a different local farm this year, so I'm excited to start getting weekly deliveries again. Starting in t-minus... 5 weeks from now.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo...your "Fox Paws" piece is beautiful! One of the ladies in my Knit Guild made a sweater from this pattern. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

amy said...

I really love it. Maybe I'll come back to a variation in the future- the patterns from the designer are so interesting... but I'll be happy to be done with this, ha ha. It's a particularly fussy knit.