[vermont] Nanofest

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Nanofest (festival of 4-barrel or smaller breweries), held at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds.


We arrived a little after 12pm and got some beer (of course) and food:


This was so good. I got ribs (they were perfect) and Dollar got a pulled pork sandwich. The beans had big chunks of pulled pork. The coleslaw was great. 

There was live music and we ran into friends. I tried a bit of this and that:


The way it worked was that you bought drink tickets for $1 each and each ticket is a 3oz pour. If you want 6 oz of something- two tickets. A full glass is 12 oz, so four tickets. I ended up trying 3 to 6 oz of, like, everything.

Got home around 6:30, took a quick nap and woke up a little after 8 pm to watch the Pats/Texans preseason game. My stomach was... not awesome from the variety of beer I sampled all day. Sunday was devoted to my hangover. For lunch, I was able to pull together some ramen:

Hangover cure.

Just some spicy Shin Ramyun from a package with a whisked egg poured in to the boiling soup near the end of cook time. The scallions were already sliced in a container in the fridge from a meal earlier in the week. So this was a verrrrrry low effort meal but totally worked to cure my hangover (along with a gallon of water).

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