[cooking] Tomato galette

After the last pie I made, I had a significant amount of dough scraps. I piled them up, pressed it all into a patty and wrapped it in saran wrap to keep in the fridge for a rustic tart later. I am overwhelmed with tomatoes from the CSA and decided a tomato galette would be an easy way to use a few:

Tomato galette

I rolled out the dough, added a layer of panko breadcrumbs, topped with some cheddar, sliced onion, tomatoes, sprinkle of salt and a more generous sprinkle of Cavender's all purpose greek seasoning (my new favorite use-on-everything blend), folded up the edges and baked at 350 for 30 min.

Tomato galette

By the way, the cheddar I used was Vermont Farmstead Governor's Cheddar. The American Cheese Society recently had their annual Judging and Competition and the winners were announced. Every year I make a list of the VT winners and go to the Hanover or Lebanon Coop looking for them. I can usually find quite a few. This Governor's Cheddar won 2nd place for Aged Cheddar 12 - 24 mos. Another winner from Vermont Farmstead that I bought and have already eaten (#sorrynotsorry) is Lille Coulommiers. 10/10, will definitely get again. Soft and spreadable and creamy. And this farm is so local- just in Woodstock, VT.

The galette was great:

Tomato galette

But it only used three medium tomatoes. What to do with the rest?

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