[gardening] Daylilies galore

It's already August. I have so many daylilies blooming now:

Here's a nice peach one that a co-worker gave me years ago:

Just peachy!

Siloam 'Bo Peep':

Siloam bo peep

'Girlish Laughter':

'Girlish Laughter'

'Shores of Time':

'Shores of Time' daylily.

'Secret of Contentment':

'Secret of Contentment' takes ruffled edge to a whole new level. #daylilies #gardening

'Shattered Illusions': 

'Shattered Illusions' daylily; new to me this year.

'Little Grapette':


Mystery red:


Mystery burgundy:


Mystery magenta:


Mystery siloam:


'Destined to See':

'Destined to See'

'Guided by Voices': 

'Guided by Voices'

Mystery red:


Other stuff is blooming, too. 

Globe thistle:

Globe thistle 🌎

I'm getting hydrangea blossoms this year- which rarely happens:


Pimula Capitata. That white powder is called 'farina', which is Italian for 'flour'. It's a natural feature of this primrose and not mold:

#primulacapitata #primula

Speaking of primrose, there is a very confused little primula in the back shade bed:

What's going on here. It's not spring anymore, you dummies. Primrose in July.

I'm getting a second round of blossoms from a rose bush I planed over Memorial Day in memory of my father:

I'm going to get a second round of blooms from my dad's memorial rose bush. 🌹

Tansy, good for natural dying:

Tansy blooming like crazy now... @vtcrafttours you want some?

All the wild apple trees are loaded with fruit:


Looking forward to wild apple pie this fall!

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Noreen said...

Good heavens! You're a heck of a gardener. Impressive!