[gardening] Late August Flowers

I don't think I've posted any garden flowers since the height of daylilies. There are still a few blooming, here and there. It's so sad to see the very last bloom and think that it won't appear again until next year:

Last one of this type for the year. rip. 😢

I was able to enjoy a few, small pink coneflowers, despite the woodchucks best attempts to eat it all into oblivion:


Hydrangeas bloomed this year:


I really don't get much, if any, blossoms from my hydrangea bushes. I don't cut back the old growth, I try fertilizing and adding hydrangea food. Nothing has ever worked. But this year something was different and the blooms are pink- so I know my soil is alkaline. 

The fragrant asiatics have come and gone:

Asiatic Lilies

If there's a nice breeze, I can smells these from 30 feet away. It's so nice. I wish they would spread faster, though.

I moved my butterfly bush this past spring and it did well enough to grow and bloom:

Butterfly Bush

And that's a healthy catnip plant in the background- which was happy surprise when I found it growing right next to the deck stairs. 

Obedient plant:

Obedient plant

White gayfeather added this past spring:


The blanket flower is responding well to deadheading and should continue to bloom for quite a while:

Blanket flower

And the last of some daylilies:

One of the last daylilies

Daylilies still blooming.

This one, Secret of Contentment, is my favorite and is a late-summer bloomer so there is still much more to come:

Daylilies- still a lot yet to bloom.

Summersweet shrubs are blooming in the back yard and are smelling like lilacs in the summertime:

Summersweet shrubs smelling like lilacs in late summer. 💨 #summersweet

And the glads (all both of them) are starting to bloom:

💕 I don't bother digging up the #gladiolus bulbs and they still come back every year. Love the late summer blooms. 💕

I thought that you had to dig up the blubs every year and store them for the winter and replant in the spring. Like, who has time for that? I left them in the beds over the first winter and pulled up all the dead stuff in the spring, thinking I would plant something else in that location. Lo, some glads came up late last summer and bloomed. So, I left them for another winter and they've bloomed again this year. There are lots of young, new shoots as well so I know there are many baby corms under the ground. I'm still going to leave everything where it is (#lazygardener) and see what happens next year. 

Stonecrop should start blooming soon. Cardinal flower has started but they aren't the showiest specimens in the world. I've really got to get out and weed this weekend- bindweed and crab grass and a bunch of other junk have really swallowed up a few areas. I cut back my delphinium weeks ago to give new growth some light but things are really cooling off (nightly lows in the mid-40s now) and don't think I'll get another show.

This weekend, though, I really have to focus on Fair knitting and start rounding up all the things I'm going to enter. I have to mail the pre-reg form next week! 

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