[misc] Penny Monday

Just a quick post. Flickr pages are not loading for me... Not sure if this means I should find another image hosting service... Will give it a few more days...

Penny in Rocky's hay box:

Busy weekend. Saturday I went to work to start cleaning/redesigning the front flower bed. I arrived a little later than I wanted- 10am. The admin was already there and had done so much already. I brought home a ton of irises to clean up. Then I went to see Dollar's band play on the green in Lebanon at an anti-natural gas pipeline rally. 

Sunday I cleaned up all the irises, made a (late) birthday pie for Dollar's step dad, who was coming over for dinner with Dolllar's mom on Sunday night. Busy day cleaning for that- I only invite people over when I need to clean the house.

Cast on for a new project that I've got to hurry up and complete. The Fair pre-registration form is due by Sept. 1.

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