[gardening] Lavender Sachets

Collected all the dried lavender and made sachets this week. There were a lot of fine twigs that had to be picked out after rubbing the bundles between my hands over a big bowl to get most of the initial dried buds off. That's fine, I sat on the couch with the bug bowl in my lap and hand picked the stems out while watching a documentary.

Then it was easy to scoop a spoonful of dried lavender into little purple tulle fabric bags.

Homemade lavender sachets

I made a dozen little sachets to throw into yarn storage and dresser drawers. 

Homemade lavender sachets

The ones I made last year are still quite fragrant. Just a squeeze or two and they are as aromatic as they day they were bagged.

This past spring I dug up a lavender plant, divided it and placed the divisions in a few new locations. I'm not sure what will come back next year but I'm trying to expand my collection of lavender plants. I really love this easy harvesting/drying/sacheting.

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