[gardening] Succulent mini-garden

So, here's the mini-succulent garden I planted on May 23:

Trying a succulent rock garden in a container.

The two biggest green things in there I had just bought at a nursery- so they were doing well. All the other stuff- the hens and chicks and succulents- were picked off from here and there around the flower beds.

Here it is one month later on June 24:

Succulent mini garden

July 5:

Mini succulent garden

Aug 7:


Yesterday, Aug 22:

This #succulent garden filled in nicely this year.

Everything filled in so well in this whiskey barrel with nice potting soil. I have an old washer tub in a flower bed that I put annuals in for the last couple years but I didn't deadhead the petunias at all this year and things are looking a little gross. I'll do the same succulent mini garden in the washer tub. Would love to find a winter-hardy succulent that drapes/hangs down... that would look nice growing out of the tub...

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