[spinning] Liberty Fibers

I started spinning some fiber I picked up at Vermont Sheep & Wool.

Liberty Fibers

The colors are what attracted me- jewel tones.

I pulled out all the fiber:

Jewel Colors

On a scale of 1 - 10, I have to give it a 5. There are white spots where the dye didn't completely saturate the fiber, and there are hard bits along the fiber. Where it got felted. I'm tempted to give it a 1 out of 10 but I want to reserve that for really shitty fiber.

I just can't believe these people would sell fiber that is a little bit felted here and there. As I'm drafting and spinning, I can feel and hear the fibers tearing. I'm not impressed.

I mean, just look at the state of it. There was a messy knot in the middle of one length:

Knotty Mess

I'm just saying, if you see this fiber somewhere and are tempted to buy it, take it all out of the packaging and look/feel it over. You might change you mind.

Did I just get a bad batch? Shelby, I know you bought some at the Festival in a blue/purple colorway. Have you taken it out of the bag? What did you think?


Joansie said...

I also attended the VT Sheep and Wool Festival and fortunately I didn't buy any from this vendor. I can't believe they didn't know. I hope you contact them.

I recently purchased "Jitterbug" yarn at my LYS only to discover knots in it when I wound it. I was told the manufacturer does not accept returns unless there are 4-5 knots. Now, really!!! Why do I want to buy that expensive product if that is the case?

Joansie said...

I just went online to see where Liberty Fibers is from. They have a "store" on Etsy and guess what???...they don't accept returns. Not surprising!

Shelby said...

I've not broken into mine yet, as I'm saving it for when I'm better at spinning so I don't waste $15 worth of really pretty fiber...;) I don't think I bought mine from Liberty, though...I think it was a different booth. I'll check out what I have when I get home and report back, though. I'd definitely complain to the vendor. That stuff's not cheap, and they HAD to know they were selling bum product, as it's all handled a bunch before it's ever packaged. Not cool.

countryelvis4 said...

That's such a bummer! It looked so pretty and tempting. You should contact them to and let them know even if they won't take it back. Maybe you should also let someone at the VT Sheep & Wool organizers know too, I'm sure they don't want bum vendors.

amy said...

Joansie - Knots annoy the heck out of me as well. I will never again buy Elizabeth Lavold Angora. I think I bought 10 skeins and 9 had knots (some had more than one knot). Thanks for letting me know the Liberty Fibers doesn't take returns. I'm not surprised.

Shelby - I know, they had to know. If it feels crunchy, don't sell it. I believe the felting comes from poor dyeing practices. If you get the fiber too hot and agitate it, yes, it's going to felt. It happened to me when I was dyeing at home and I had to throw the fiber away.