[spinning] The Barfy Collection

Two or three weekends ago I dyed one pound of fiber (in 4 oz increments) using food coloring.

Barfy Bruise (I dyed with black and blue, leaving white spots):

Barfy Bruise

Barfy Rainbow (This was a junkpile of colors- using all the leftover dyes. I now think I should have left out the brown and black):

Barfy Rainbow

Barfy Cotton Candy (I am least pleased with with one. I only dribbled a little fuchsia and sky blue (and maybe a little violet?) onto the roving):

Barfy Cotton Candy

I'm spinning the last one first, just to get it out of my sight.

There is also another 4 oz bump of fiber that I carefully dyed yellow, green and brown. It came out awesome and I gave it to my sister for her birthday. Really, it was way better than all those above. It even braided up pretty.

I did finish spinning and plying the Liberty Fibers superwash. I spun very thin and the whole project took me weeks of off and on spinning.

Yesterday morning I spun 4+ oz of bulky dark purple wool and plied it with sparkly thread. It was all done, start to finish, before breakfast.

Hmm... Projects that take weeks vs. hours. I think I'll stick to bulky for a while. I need the instant gratification.

P.S. Speaking of barfy, today is Murderface Monday. I woke up at 5:30 this morning to MF getting ready to barf on the bed. I was able to swoop him down to the wood floor in time. I watched him for a few minutes to make sure he was all right but he started running around, chasing invisible things upstairs and purring loudly. O-kay.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's my weird affinity for bruises, but I like the Barfy bruise colorway. And yes I think you should market & sell it under that name, it has a nice ring to it.