[spinning] Forest Walk

I finished spinning the jewel-toned fiber. Originally it looked like:

Jewel Colors

Now it looks like:

Forest Walk 1

Forest Walk 1

What you see isn't technically all the fiber I bought. As I said in a previous entry, there were issues with the fiber being felted in places. Because I couldn't properly draft these areas, I had to strip them and throw them away.

I was disappointed with the fiber and contacted the owner of Liberty Fibers. She immediately dyed a batch of fiber for me and mailed it. Here it is:

Forest Walk 2

The colors are close to what I originally bought and it's soft and fluffy. I think I must have bought an irregular batch at Vermont Sheep & Wool. I am pleased with the customer service I received from this company.


gayle said...

Love love love those colors. So glad the company was responsive - your yarn is gorgeous!
Do you have a project for it yet? Can't wait to see it knit up.

Shelby said...

the second batch is almost prettier than the first...can't wait to see how it turns out.