[misc] Good customer service experiences

I got a flu shot at work yesterday and I'm feeling a little run down. The dreary, rainy weather today isn't helping.

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. The spinning wheel obviously won't be a surprise, but I've got a few more things for her.

Dollar and I have been watching Season 4 of Entourage. We started the next-to-last episode of the season last night and it started skipping. I took the disk out and it's all kinds of scratched up. So it's time to do my first ever return/exchange at Amazon... Wow, that was easy. I just clicked a box that said the DVD is defective. They're sending me a new one now and I have 30 days to return the original. I also printed out a "no postage necessary" label to mail it back with. Easy.

Speaking of easy, I just got 4 new snow tires put onto my car at Wilson Tire in Lebanon. If you live in the area, I can't recommend that place enough. I got an excellent price on the tires and the staff are courteous and professional and nice and helpful and fast. I'm going back in the spring to get new all-season tires there.

I should have some knitting finished objects to show off over the next few days- socks, a hat, a scarf. I want to wrap up a few things before I start new projects. Like finally getting around to sewing a fabric lining for my cable knit bag. And I'd like to make significant progress on a lace scarf that I started back in May.

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Sara said...

Hey, next year you and I are going to have to go on the Wool tour. Basically, the way it works is that there are 5 different stops - and at each stop - there are vendors, music, demos, and just plain fun. The ride to each takes you through great back roads - and it was beautiful!!!

Sorry you're feeling icky from your flu shot. This year my arm hurt at the site of the shot. I've never had that happen before.