[misc] MF Monday Thursday

Last night I was able to do all kind of chores- washing and changing the sheets and duvet cover, taking out the garbage from all the rooms in the house, clearing off the kitchen table, going though all the phone messages that have built up, ripping out knitting projects that are going nowhere, winding skeins of yarn into balls, playing a game of Blue Moon with Dollar, doing the dishes, making pork pies for supper, doing more dishes, watching two episodes of Battlestar Galactica, showering, then passing out face down in bed. I felt like:



Joansie said...

OMG...I love pork pies or "tourtierres". My daughter and I made 24 pies last Thanksgiving and froze them for Christmas. I was happy to see the recipe suggested mustard. I always have mustard on mine. Thanks for sharing!

amy said...

I tried making these as easy as possible. From start to into the oven, it only took me 30 minutes.

I diced half of an onion and sauteed it, just to soften it.

In a large bowl, I combined the pork, sage, pepper, salt and breadcrumbs with my hands.

I whisked two eggs in a bowl.

I bought the pre-made pie shells. I dusted the counter with flour, unrolled one shell and cut out a circle using an upside-down rice bowl (diameter was about 4" across). Using a rolling pin, I rolled these circles to about 6" across. I was able to get 4 circles from one shell, I rerolled the scraps and got 2 more. So 12 circles from the 2 pie shells.

I added the (now cooled onions) to the pork mixture, added most of the eggs and filled the pastry lined cupcake tin with a small handful of pork filling. Then I pinched/covered the meat with the overhanging pastry (which is why I rolled them out to 6" across), leaving a small opening in the center of the top.

I brushed the tops with the leftover egg and after baking for 35 minutes in a 375 oven, they were PERFECT. Dollar loved them. I'd like to use this method to make other meat pies.