[spinning] Thread Plied Yarn

I whipped up a skein that's a little different than the rest I've made:

Sparkle Yarn

A single plied with thread. SPARKLY thread.

Sparkle Yarn

Here it is a little blurrier. This is closer to what it looks like in real life- white with pretty sparkles.

Sparkle Yarn

I love it. Not sure what the yardage is or wraps per inch. Not even sure I have enough for a hat. I wasn't sure this technique would work but I just HAD to try it. And the nice part was that after I plied, the yarn was balanced. I didn't need to wash and whack it against the side of the tub.

I can't wait to see what it looks like knit up!

1 comment:

Shelby said...

OMG!! That came out so well! Super nice. You could make a sparkly hat. Sparkly ear-flaps FTW!!