[misc] The Craft Room

During my week of vacation I spent most of my time sorting out my craft room. It needed sorting in the bad way and I have before and after pictures.

Let me begin by saying that the room started out as a library. I used to read. A lot. The room was full of bookcases and books.

Now most of my free time is spent knitting and spinning. I stopped buying books and started buying yarn. And spinning tools. And fiber. And yarn. And yarn and yarn and yarn.

So the room got crowded.

Then Dollar and I got a new bed and the old bed went where? Into the craft room. A full size bed into an already crowded room.

I had to shift things in front of other things, blocking other things just to get the stupid bed in.

The room was beyond crowded- there was hardly any room to walk.

And now... Be horrified and shocked at the messy mess...

Craft Room... Before

Craft Room... Before

Craft Room... Before

"Yikes" is right. Over the course of a week I moved out 2 black bags of garbage, 1.5 black bags of donations to Listen, 1 tub of books to the used book store and 3 bookshelves (and all their books) were moved to other areas of the house.

Now the room looks like:

Craft Room... After

Craft Room... After

Craft Room... After

I even cleaned out the closet. It's not ready for a magazine spread just yet but it's so... open. I love hanging out in here now. I used to just come in, step over things, grab what I was looking for and head back downstairs where I would inevitably spread the mess.

I moved a computer to the desk so I have a nice workstation to blog, post pictures to Flickr and update Ravelry. I organized yarn and came to the brutal realization that I really, really, REALLY don't need to buy any more yarn for the rest of my life.

My sister helped me make a collage with yarn labels I've been collecting since I started knitting:

Yarn Label Collage

Whenever she comes down to hang out, I end up blindsiding her with a "hey, let's do this project", whether it's dying yarn or spending hours getting our fingers all gluey from a collage. At least she's always up for it.

Siiiiiiiiiigh. I'm pleased. Now I need another vacation to rest.


Sara said...

Oh, your room turned out awesome! I need to do that with one of my rooms - but, not quite ready...soon.

I think we all come to the realization that we do not need to buy anymore yarn for the rest of our lives!!! I am on a yarn diet for the rest of the year!!!!

Anonymous said...

can you come to my house? PLEASE??? I'll give you more yarn labels LOL..I keep saying I'll gut and organize my craftroom once the weather turns cooler. I have knitting scrapping and sewing in there but instead of the spare bed I have a gun cabinet..UGH!