[spinning] Soy Silk

I went to Hodgepodge Handicrafts* yesterday afternoon on a whim. I picked up a 4 oz bundle of 100% SOYSILK top by Conjoined Creations. It's a Happy Hippie fiber in the Woodstock colorway:

Soy Silk

Soy Silk

It's spinning up wicked shiny but I don't like the fiber. It's loose and delicate and is currently all over the craft room. I'm trying to finish it up as soon as possible so that I can take a lint roller to everything. I don't want to spin up some white and have errant bits of green and blue sneak in.

*Hodgepodge blew my mind. Blew it, I tell you. I was expecting a corner in a furniture store with a couple bins of yarn. I was there for TWO HOURS. One hour was just looking through pattern booklets. I didn't even see all the books or binders. The yarn selection is incredible. They have lots that they spin and that are locally spun, in addition to all the brands that you know and love. In addition to yarns that no other shops in the area carry. There is a good sale section, a spinning section, a comfy and inviting sitting area. I was there for two hours and I feel like I only saw a fraction of the store. And it's not huge. Imagine pointing a shrinking ray gun at Webs and shrinking it to 1/16 it's size. That sounds like a hodge podge and it is. But in an orderly over-flowing kind of way.


Music to spin by: Yael Naim New Soul

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Shelby said...

The colors are so pretty, but you really can almost see it actively spewing out fibers in the pictures. Is the yarn itself sheddy?