[spinning] Dyeing with Kool-Aid

Last week I dyed some wool roving with Kool-Aid. The set up:

Dyeing Fiber

The scale is to measure off 4 oz from the big ball of white merino. While the 4 oz were soaking in the sink, I chose and mixed my colors:

Dyeing Fiber

Grape base with 4 different colors to mix with it. This produced 2 close shades of purple, a burgundy and olive green.

I taped a black garbage bag to the table and some lengths of plastic wrap on top of that. I pulled the roving from the water and tried to squeeze out as much as possible. I lined it up on the table started pouring color:

Dyeing Fiber

Rolling the roving up was difficult because there was so much dye/liquid in the wool. It started to ooze out but I mopped up the excess and eventually got the roll into a pot on the stove and steamed it for 30 minutes.

I unrolled the roving into some cool, soapy water (and burned my hand) and then hung it to dry. The finish wool looks like:


It's so light! It's so... pretty and light (and it smells like grapes). I'm spinning this up now.

Next time, I'll try (1) sprinkling the Kool-Aid straight onto the wool, (2) dyeing with food coloring. I hope either or both of those method will result in more vibrant colors.

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