[knitting] Cornish Fair

Not to toot my own horn but...

Cornish Fair
Doot diddley oot toot toot.

I entered many items and did very well.

Vindication! At last!


Sara said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!!! Did I count correctly - 8 blue ribbons!

amy said...

10 blue ribbons. There are nine in the picture and one mysteriously went missing between Cornish and home. :(

Sarah said...

I count nine. Wow Amy, way to go! You've inspired me to enter something in my local fair next year.

Anonymous said...

Amy's boss: "where is Amy?"
Amy's co-worker: "She needed more time to knit, she's not coming in until after the fair"
Amy's boss: "When will that be?
Co-work: "Um, Yeah, Amy said she'd be back in the winter after all the fairs were over."

amy said...

I wish. Last week was so awesome. As a reward for cleaning and working hard around the house all week, I went on a shopping spree of Friday (sure, it was to buy organizey things at Staples, but it's still shopping). I came home and told Dollar, "You need to make enough money so that I don't have to work and can shop all the time!"

Surprisingly, I didn't get much new knitting done. All the things I entered into the fair were things I made over the last year.