[knitting] A Better Bucket

A Better Bucket

Pattern: A Better Bucket

Needles: US 8 (brim), US 7 (body)

Yarn: Plymouth Tweed

Mods: Used Solaris' mods (from Ravelry). Cast on 100 stitches instead of 96. Also, the brim flares a bit more in this version.

I gave mine a green lining:

A Better Bucket

It fits very well. My sister tried it on and really liked it... so I'm making another. I had two balls of Plymouth Tweed in brown and two balls in green kicking around. I weighed out the leftovers last night and I have enough to make an Inverse Bucket- a green hat with brown lining.

This tweed is really nice. I don't like the kinds where the color nips are loose and poke out- they look like colorful pills to me and I want to pick them off. The color nips in this yarn are tightly spun with the wool, so it looks speckled but feels smooth.

A Better Bucket

The provisional cast on was a little tricky the first time but I was able to do it last night with no problems. They key is to use a LONG spare circular needle. The first time I used a 24" and it was not good. Last night I used a 40" Addi Turbo and it was a cakewalk. I might start doing ALL my provisional cast-ons this way.


Kit said...

I really like this hat. I just downloaded the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Joan said...

The tweedy yarn looks handspun and really bumps up a simple the pattern! Love it. Must dl it too. Congrats on the prov c/o. That is so handy to know.