[knitting] Start something(s) new

I started some new projects. More socks for Dollar:


I love this yarn (Jarbo Garn Raggi), it's very sqwooshy. I work on these socks while waiting- waiting for Dollar to get ready in the morning (we've started carpooling), waiting for something to bake, waiting for this or that. These will be added to the growing pile of birthday socks.

I cast on Rogue, a hooded pullover.


It is slow-going. I've already worked on it for hours and I'm still not done with the inside of the hem. The yarn is sticky wool (Bartlett Fisherman 2-Ply) and I'm plodding along on size US 3 needles. Didn't I say I was done with sticky wool and small needles after Dollar's Yoke Pattern Jacket? Anyway, this sweater will probably be ready for Fall... 2009.

Not wanting to work on the waiting socks or the sweater, I started another crocheted Anne scarf with Malabrigo:

Barbara's Anne

The color is something like toffee or pecan or... Praline! That's it.

I've also started swatching colors, testing various combinations for a pillow cover. I have two 18 x 18 inch and two 24 x 24 inch pillows to knit covers for. I've been reading/studying Color Works by Deb Menz to help guide me through my stash. Hue, value, saturation... Tint, tone, shade and... what's the other one... Whatever. Cool and warm undertones... It's a lot to try to comprehend and then do. I have some wools but I'm running into things like: that yellow isn't the right value to be next to that shade of red; the green and violet would work... if I had some orange; etc etc. It's just making my decisions that much more difficult.

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