[knitting] Jamaica Pouch

I had one skein of Katia Jamaica in my stash and found a free One-Skein Wonder pattern for it:

Jamaica Pouch

Pattern: Jamaica Pouch

Needles: US 5

Yarn: Katia Jamaica

Jamaica Pouch

Mods: I printed out the PDF for this pattern. Once I finished the bottom (I love how it looks like a cross-section of a watermelon) and went to the pattern to see how to do the sides, I read "Begin Circular Spiral Stitch (see at right)..." I looked to the right. Nothing. It's actually written out on the web page for the pattern, not in the PDF. Just a warning.

Jamaica Pouch
Coffee Mug for scale...

I've been using this pouch as a lunch bag. It's large enough (and quite stretchy) to accommodate tupperware, a can of seltzer and a few clementines.

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Sara said...

Oh that turned out really cute - and it is bright and summery!!! cause I gotta tell you with all the rain - we need bright and summery somewhere in our lives!