[amy] Figures.

I went over to Ken and Ram's last night for supper and had the following coversation with Ken:

KEN: [going through pictures from the 80's party]

AMY: You know, I don't really like that picture.

KEN: Adams t-shirt?

AMY: Yeah. It's... kind of pornographic.

KEN: Why did you put it on your blog, then?

AMY: What? I put a picture of you and me dancing...

KEN: ... No, I'm pretty sure it's the bound up Asian woman-

AMY: Are you serious? Crap! I bet- [shoving Ken aside, navigating to blog] I bet the picture ID's changed after you added the new pictures and- AGGHH!! NO!!


AMY: I have to change this! How could this happen! I have to take it down right now!

* * *

So, that figures. The one picture I find offensive happens to be the one that magically replaces the original one I chose. If anyone came around to my blog yesterday and wondered, "What the hell?", I apologize.

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