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I'm doing far too much travelling on Interstate 89. There were the two trips to Boston, an upcoming trip to Concord this Wednesday and the NH Sheep & Wool Festival this past Saturday. I went down with Barbara and Jason. I know the road so well that when they say something like, "What's wrong with that tree?" I can reply without looking up, "It's not a tree. It's a cell phone tower made to look like a tree. In 2.6 miles, there'll be a broken sign by the side of the road. In 8.7 miles, you'll see a fallen tree." Sigh.

But the Sheep & Wool Festival was cool. I was planning on spending a million dollars on yarn but only ended up buying 5 skeins of Alpaca Light from the A Touch of Twist booth. They had the best deals, to be honest. I saw one booth that was selling yarn for $140.00 for less than 300 yards of their yarn. Give me a fucking break. Sure I'd steal some, but you'd never catch me spending that much on yarn unless it was certified "magical yarn". At any rate, I plan on making a shawl with the 1000 yards I bought for $30.00. (See? What a great deal!)

There were lots of animals at this thing. Alpacas, sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs... Uh, I think there were some pigs there, too. Lots of women sitting around spinning and weaving. Here's a picture of a 4-your-old girl with an especially menacing pair of shears, diligantly clipping a lamb:

The dog trials were the coolest of all. Border collies are amazing. They take off running in a wide arc around the three sheep, come up behind, herd them through two yellow cones, around through a white fence, across the field through another white fence and finally into a pen. And they do all this while taking whistle calls or shouted commands from their handler. One whistle toot means stop, two means straight, three means counter-clockwise, etc. It was so cool.

On the actual knitting front, I'm still working on the late Mother's Day bag. I finished the front, back, sides/bottom and sewed them all together yesterday. I went to the local craft store to buy some fabric to sew and line the inside of the bag with. I popped up to my sister's to use her sewing machine to sew the cloth together... Now I have to sew the lining to the inside of the bag and I think the lining is too small and the whole thing is going to look shitter than I expected. I'll post a picture tomorrow...

To get my mind off of the shitty bag, I'd started a cover for a 16" x 16" pillow I bought at the craft store. The pattern is from Hand Knits for the Home. I think it's going to turn out real pretty.

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