[knitting] Pillow and Flower Power Shrug

The pillow is finished:

Here are a couple more pictures of the front and back, post blocking/pre-seaming and post-seaming. The buttons match really well and I'm happy with the end result.

I've also started the lace mohair beaded shrug:

I like knitting with size 10 needles- The project grows so fast. And the beads are fun- except for when I get to a place in the yarn where the strand broke and was tied back together. Usually I'd just keep knitting but because I can't push the beads past it, I have to cut the yarn, take off all the beads, thread them all onto the new strand and think about the extra loose ends I'm going to have to weave in.

Also, I had a lot of trouble with the lace pattern over the course of the first few pattern repeats. Note the lovely lace design when I hold the work up to the window. Now, take a look again but look through my eyes. See the missing yarn-overs and the junky flower bits? That's all I can see but I'm hoping that once I have it on, no one will be able to notice.

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