[uvscene] 80's Rock Star

Geh, I'm still hungover. Check out the 80's party post and pictures. I don't know who was running around with a camera, but they managed to get a couple pictures of me.

[*Missing Photo*]

Lovely. I think this photo was taken right before the bottle slipped out of my hand, shattered on the floor and I stumbled to the bathroom to wretch. The party was fun, I ran into all kinds of people I hadn't seen in a loooong time. And the "Ozzy Rules!" t-shirt was a massive hit. From people screaming "OZZY RUUUULES!" in my face to the bartender saying, "We're friends of Ozzy here" in a very "Pedro offers you his protection" kind of way. The crimped hair, short tight shirt, long t-shirt, leggings- it was all working for me.

Prior to the 80's party, I went to a small Rock Star party for supper. It was the best food I've ever had. One of the appetizers was a wheel of brie baked with port, caramelized onions and currants- meant to be spread on bread. Over this really nice food, Ken and I decided that our next project will be to take the Upper Valley and secede it from the United States, thereby making our own country. We'll set up a perimeter but bus Americans into our country for parties. We need to start thinking about a flag design...

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