[weird] Are you there, God? It's me, typing.

I occationally get some pretty strange search terms that return my blog. A long time ago when I mentioned what a crap movie In the Cut was, I got all kinds of searches like "meg ryan naked pictures" or "in the cut naked pictures meg ryan." In fact, I'm guaranteeing more of those searches simply by writing it out now. Also, I get the occational "amy stender," which freaks me out a little. Who's searching me? I know who you are! Okay? Leave me alone!

I have to say that the weirdest one I've ever seen is the following:

"is today my lucky day GOD If I Play the Lottery Today will Amy an I win enough to buy a house and never have to work and worry"

... Uh, I don't think GOD answers your MSN queries. But, yeah, if you win, I'm totally there. We can get a house, never work and worry again. Call me.

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