[cool] Beer and DVD’s

I’m living in an apartment next to my sister’s boyfriend’s friend. So Jason’s down all the time, parking in my driveway, to see Ryan. Last night I knocked on Ryan’s door and told Jason to get lost before I called the cops. The following was then said:

JASON [To RYAN]: Well, I guess I better head back up to the house.

AMY [Walking back to her apartment door]

JASON [To RYAN]: I need to get the beer into the fridge. See you later!

AMY [Stops, turns around]: You bought some beer?

JASON: Yeah.

AMY [Looks in JASON’s passenger side window; Sees 12-pack]: Give me two. [Turns to JASON] Give me two of those beers- right now.

JASON [Opens passenger side door; Starts to take out beer]: Well, I think you should come up the house if you want-

AMY: You’re not giving them to me fast enough! I said give me beer right now.

JASON [Hands AMY two beers]: Alright, alright. Here you go.

AMY: Thank you. Bye. [Goes inside.]

Before anyone thinks I’m (a) an alcoholic, (b) a bitch or (c) crazy, I’d just like to say I was inspired by all the Red vs. Blue I’ve been watching. I don’t know how many Halo-heads out there don’t know about this online series, but I only found out a couple weeks ago. I’ve since ordered and watched the Season 1 DVD and I’m planning on getting Season 2. If you’ve got Quicktime, watch this and you’ll understand what I was talking about.

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