[amy] Bouncing 'round the room

M: Are you going to the Fish Show this weekend?

A: What Fish Show?

M: Up the in the Northeast Kingdom.

A: Why would I want to go to a Fish Show?

M: It’s going to be their last performance.

A: OH, you mean Phish the band! Yah, no, I’m not going.

M: …

A: I thought you mean a fish show. Like, people showing off fish they catch.

M: No.

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Bill said...

The first time I saw Phish was in 1989 in Billings Student Center at UVM. It cost 5 bucks and I was impressed enough by them to call my (fellow guitar player) friend Matt and try to get him to come down. I reached his mother on the phone and explained to her that should she speak to Matt, to tell him to meet me at Billings, where I was listening to Phish. As I hung up the phone, I realized how that must have sounded.

"Um, Matty dear? You little friend Bill called and says you should meet him at the university so you can both listen to fish. ... Now sweety, remember that talk we had lat week about drugs..."