[books] Nov. 2004

What the- Guess what book is being re-released in November? The Da Vinci Code. Right when the paperback should be coming out so that poor people might be able to afford it and see what all the hype's about, they're re-selling it at a more expensive price than the hardcover. I don't care if there are "150 technicolor images" in this Illustrated Collector's Edition, I get those kinds of pictures in my head while reading anyway. Fffffuck! See? I'm having bright colors flashing inside my eyeballs right now! I can't TAKE anymore of this DA VINCI commercial bullshit!

On a happier (and less stroke-inducing) note, Michel Faber is coming out with a new one called Courage Consort. It's three novellas, all three of which clock in at 240 pages together. Not each. After The Crimson Petal and the White (which was over 800, I think), that's nice.

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