[books] Where's my check?

Go out and buy McSweeny's new humor anthology: Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans. My sea monkey list is in it. I'm not mentioned in the table of contents (which sucks) but there are loads of lists in the back of the book and if everyone was mentioned, half of the book would be a table of contents. BUT... I will say that my list got the FRONT of one whole page AND most of the back of the page. And a mini bio is included in the back of the book. I will say that mine isn't the VERY first list, but it's on, like, the third page into the lists. All right. Now I need to get something real published because hyping up this sea monkey list is pretty sad.

Oh yah, and I haven't gotten my whopping $50.00 check in the mail for my "piece." What's up with that?

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