[misc] TGIF

We had a good amount of rain over the past couple days, which was very much needed. The orange daylilies finally popped open:

Orange daylilies started blooming today.

Now we're moving on to the hot hot summer weather. Mid-to-high 90's with dreaded high humidity. 

TGIF. Made it through another week of teaching. I don't have another class until August- WOOOO.

Going to keep working on the Lost in Time shawl this weekend. I really had no time to work on it this week so I wasn't able to finish it :(

Tour de Fleece starts soon so I've started piling up all the fiber I plan on spinning (but will probably only end up spinning a quarter of it).

Going to cut some more pieces for quilt blocks.

Will cook some things- most of which will probably ham related. The maple-cured, bone-in leg of ham that I bought at Cloudland Farm last week has been amazing- the best ham I've ever had. We've been eating bits of it here and there in different dishes. I going to try to use it all up this weekend. But I think by this Sunday, I'll be making some summertime ice cold Korean noodles: mul naengmyeon and bibim naegmyeon.

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