[cooking] Mint Chocolate Chip Bread

Another busy week teaching... just wanted to post another herb quick bread I made over vacation- but sweet this time rather than savory. I used the same recipe as the last post but changed some things around to make it sweet.

I am dealing with mint spreading everywhere it shouldn't, so what to do with all the picked mint. Mojitos? Always. Mint in iced tea? Fine. But I want to use a lot, not just a sprig or two. 

Mint. Chocolate chip. Bread.

Mint. Weeded from the flower bed.

I used a whole cup of chopped mint:

Mint chocolate chip bread

Mint chocolate chip bread

This is just regular old spearmint I think. I imagine peppermint or chocolate mint would be great as well.

I used a scant 1/2 cup of mini chips and poured the batter into the loaf pan:

Mint chocolate chip bread


Mint chocolate chip bread

Next time I would only add 1/3 cup of mini chips. 

Mint chocolate chip bread

Overall, it was great. Totally mint-chocolate-chippy. Perfect for snacking on while lazily swinging in a hammock.

I enjoy these quick breads after they've spent a day in the fridge after baking. They are easier to slice and toast.

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