[misc] New Fire Pit

One major task I wanted to complete over the Memorial Day vacation was to re-do the firepit in the back yard. 

Fire pit before demolition

Bricks stacked along the inside, random rocks (barely) held together with poorly mixed cement around the outside. Over grown. Never used. Just generally looking crumby. I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of retaining wall pieces and a sledgehammer. Time to smash:

Sledgehammer time

The new firepit ring is smaller in diameter- actually completely fitting inside the old ring. 

Outer ring removed

I set aside all the bricks and started to finalize placement of the fire ring. I wanted to leave a portion open to have an "attached" grilling area for outdoor cooking.

New fire pit and grilling station

The grill is (rusty) cast iron, given to me by my uncle. 

Tidied up a bit with some more sand poured around:

New fire pit and grilling station

I used it for the first time a couple weekends ago:

Got the fire pit going

That's a nice little fire. I even did some outdoor cooking:

Cast iron cooking outside

I think this outdoor area will evolve as I use it more. It's a little tough to keep an even heat going under the pan... I'm not sure if I should lower the grilling side and use charcoal briquettes. I'm also currently obsessed with the idea of kofta kebaps. I've never had one but I've been watching videos on Instagram and omg, they look amazing. And it's got me wanting to forage for staghorn sumac this fall to make some of my own sumac spice.

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