[gardening] Mid-June Flowers

Things blooming around the house since the end of May.

Yellow irises, should probably dig 'em all up and divide this fall...


Common Siberian irises:


Dianthus, which smells so nice. My mom said she wants some of these.


A rose bush that survived the winter:

Rose bush survived the winter. Given to me last year by my uncle at my dad’s memorial service, it’s a nice reminder- especially since it’s bloom time seems to coincide with Father’s Day💞

There are a couple iris that I planted years ago (bagged root from a big box store) and have been waiting for blooms ever since. This year- they both bloomed!



Sooooo ruffley. #iris

Worth the wait. They're very large, showy and many blooms per stem. I hope to see more of the same next year.

Last year I brought home all kind of iris divisions from work. They all seemed to survive the winter but just one bloomed and it's a stunner:

The only iris to bloom from a pile of divisions that I brought home from work last year. Hopefully more blooms next year! #iris

First daylily of the year popped open:

First #daylily of the year! 👏👏👏

Here's one of those starry/constellation petunias:

Woodchucks really did a number on this #petunia when I first got it but it has come back after moving to the #flowerbedbed. 🌌

When I first brought this home from a local garden, I kept it on the ground, behind the garage, at the end of the hosta bed, to keep it out of mid-day sun until I found a place to plant it. It was too enticing for the woodchucks and they chomped it all the way down to the dirt. I still brought it down to the flowerbed bed and put it in. And it has come back, which I am so happy about. I love how unique it looks.



Some sweet william volunteers popping up here and there around the front flowerbed:

Sweet William

Green Wizard coneflower.

Green Wizard Coneflower

I've been diligently spraying the regular purple coneflower with stinky liquid fence, to try to dissuade
the woodchucks and hopefully get a nice show this year. We'll see...

Native oxeye daisy blooming (while I wait on the shastas):

Oxeye Daisy

Silvery lamb's ear on the left. Yellow loosestrife on the right:

Lambs ear. Yellow loosestrife.!

The lamb's ear is juuuuust starting to bloom and I can't even say how much the bees love it. The flowers were absolutely covered with big bumblebees all last summer.

New to me this year (I can't remember planting it!), false indigo:

#falseindigo new to me this year. Can’t say I remembered planting it... ‍♀️

We finally got some much-needed rain yesterday. I was getting pretty sick of carrying jugs of water down to the flowerbed bed every day.

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cristina said...

The constellation petunias are astonishing!