[cooking] Quick Herb Bread

I recently feel in love with quick herbs breads. No yeast, just mix and pour, and an abundance of whatever herbs you have gets used up. In my case a couple weeks ago: chives.

The inspiration for this recipe is from RecipeTin Eats. I used the same wet/dry ingredient amounts but went with a full cup of chopped chives and a myriad of shredded cheeses (rather than slices). 

Cheese and chive bread

I don't always have buttermilk on hand but I've started keeping a bag of dried buttermilk to reconstitute when needed. It worked out perfectly in this recipe.

I mixed everything together (no layering/swirling) and put into a loaf pan:

Cheese and chive bread


Cheese and chive bread

This was so good. A full cup of herbs was not too much at all. This was wonderful toasted- it would make the whole kitchen smell tasty:

Cheese and chive bread

This is the bread I used in yesterday's picture with the ricotta. It was also good with eggs for breakfast. 

It is quick. From the moment you start pulling out the ingredients to the moment you're pulling it out of the oven is only an hour. It is versatile- I made two more loaves using different herbs.


RIP Anthony Bourdain. I've mentioned him a few times on the blog here and there, when I was watching No Reservations or Parts Unknown. He was such an inspiration. Great chef, great writer, great mind, great sense of humor. One of my favorite chefs, I've been so heartbroken this morning. I can't imagine what his family and friends are going through. Much love to everyone in the world.

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